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CJ Jenkins

Photo snapper of Coastal Maine, with a particular love of Old Orchard Beach.

Having lived in the small coastal tourist town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine most of my life, I have come to adore its changing seasonal beauty. My love of photography goes back to when I was 12 years old and asked my dad to help me make a dark room in our basement. There we spent many hours as he showed me how to develop black and white pictures and my snaps magically appeared. As an adult, my photography mostly consisted of documenting the lives of my two children and their friends. Now that they are all off to college, I am finding new enjoyment from snapping the local beauty of Maine. People have told me that my pictures stir their emotions giving them a great deal of enjoyment.

When I am snapping pictures, I feel that I am “documenting” a split second of time. That scene will never be the same again, and I have captured a unique beauty. It is my hope to move people with that beauty; to awaken a fond memory, or a desire to go and see this beautiful place in person.

If you have a connection to Old Orchard Beach, or Maine, please check out my portfolio and see some of my favorite snaps.

Click here to see my portfolio

If you like what you see, please connect me with others who may enjoy the many scenes of coastal Maine through social media ie: Facebook.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the "Contact Me" link above.

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